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2011 Residency Match

Every year residency match becomes more and more competitive. In the current economic situation many ACGME approved programs close down or change ownership and cut costs limiting the number of residency spots.

We are very pleased to inform you that Saint James School of Medicine students did great and got positions in very well established programs like the University of Louisiana, the University of Iowa and the University of Alabama.

We want to give our sincere thanks to all of our graduates for their hard work and effort. They have made Saint James proud of their accomplishments. Future graduates can be assured that hard work and commitment to their dreams will pay off one day.


1.     Yasmin Ali, Neurology, Illinois
2.     Rajdeep Dhami, Family Medicine, Illinois
3.     Amir Farokhy, Internal Medicine, Pennsylvania
4.     Wally Folad, Internal Medicine, Arizona
5.     Omar Husseini, Internal Medicine, Illinois
6.     Jothis Jose, Family Medicine, Illinois
7.     Misbba Khan, Internal Medicine, Louisiana
8.     David Klein, Family Medicine, Canada
9.     Janette Leal, Internal Medicine/Psychiatry, Iowa
10.  Sulagshan Mahendrarajah, Neurology, Iowa
11.  Gorica Milojevic, Family Medicine, Michigan
12.  Sheri Pierce- Granelli, Family Medicine, Illinois
13.  Neenu Prasad, Family Medicine, Georgia
14.  Vajeeha Sadi, Internal Medicine, Illinois
15.  Kartik Shah, Internal Medicine, Louisiana
16.  Bobby Shaw, Family Medicine, Washington
17.  Naitik Sheth, Internal Medicine, Illinois
18.  Vijendra Singh, Internal Medicine, West Virginia
19.  Vishal Thakur, Family Medicine, Alabama

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